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RTO 2.0: Return To In-Person Report

The new way to navigate in-person collaboration with flexibility in mind.

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About the report:

Where are companies in their RTO efforts now?
And, more importantly, where do they go from here? 

The report dives into:

  • How companies are tackling RTO policies
  • The critical importance offices (still) have 
  • What employees want: flexibility & connection 
  • Events as a big part of future workplace strategies 

In this report, you'll also find practical recommendations on how to apply these insights and data to your workplace, engage employees, and build strategies that are sustainable in the long run.  

Report conducted in collaboration with Nicholas Bloom, Jose Mario Barrero, and Steven J. Davis. 

About Gable:

Gable is the all-in-one platform to manage your hybrid & remote teams.

With Gable, you can manage your entire workplace all in one platform: flex spaces, leased offices, events, team collaboration, and in-depth data and analytics.

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